Horse Legs

What we do and why we do it..

Step 1 : Rescue & Rehabilitate


What we do : Most of horses that come into Forgotten Hooves come from surrenders, police seizures, auctions, and other poor living environments. It is of prime importance that they are seen by a vet and farrier as soon as possible after arrival. All the horses that come to Forgotten Hooves will leave with a vet check, vaccines, coggins, their teeth floated, wormed, hooves trimmed, and any other care we see they may need to live happily and healthy in their new environment. If they are under weight, like most, we will provide them will the necessary feed and forage they need in order to safely gain weight. We see each horse as an individual with individual needs and treat them accordingly.

Why? We want the horse to be comfortable and healthy, but we also want potential adopters to know exactly what they are getting when they adopt from Forgotten Hooves. We provide records of all vet and farrier care given in hopes that adopting a horse will be less intimidating for horse owners. We have heard countless times that adopting is a gamble. We want to do our part and take the gamble out of adoptions.

Step 2 : Train

What we do : Horses that come into Forgotten Hooves are evaluated and then put into our training program. Whether a horse just needs a tune up, restart, or full start from the ground up, our trainers work hard to get each horse to reach their full potential. Not every horse that comes through Forgotten Hooves is a rider and some just need a refresher on ground manners. We do not ride every horse, but work extensively with each of them. Most horses are started Western and ridden Western, but we also have a few that have been started and stay English or do both!

Why?  Forgotten Hooves roots for the underdogs. The Founder of the organization decided it was time to prove the worth of rescue horses and made it her passion. Although Forgotten Hooves is involved in all aspects of rescue, we take great pride and put a lot of focus into our training program. We believe every horse wants and needs a job. Just like people, horses have purpose. Every horse is different and that purpose may not include riding, but it is our job to help each horse discover their purpose and help match it with a potential adopter. 

Step 3 : Rehome


What we do : After each horse has been evaluated, trained, and deemed safe, the horse will be placed up for adoption. Each potential adopter will be required to fill out an adoption application. This assures the horse will be going to a good forever home. The application includes a no sell contract, questions regarding experience level of the potential adopter, and questions regarding the property on which the horse will live. After the application is looked over by the board, it will be approved or denied. If approved, the horse will either be delivered or picked up by his or her new family! Each horse will leave Forgotten Hooves with vaccinations and coggins. If delivery is needed, it can be set up with Forgotten Hooves.

Why? It is of extreme importance that a horse that has been saved will remain in a good environment for the rest of his or her life. We put a lot of work into making sure the horses go to safe, forever homes, but we also want to make sure that the horse and owner are a good match. This process can take some time so we are grateful for your patience.