• Meet and Greet - Come say hello to the horses and spend some time with them. Horses are great for the soul and a variety of human interaction is good for theirs.

  • Property Clean Up - We could always use help with the property. There is brush to clear, weeds to whack, and trees to trim. 

  • Barn Help - We have stalls to clean, hay to move, tack to clean, and feed bins to fill. Come help out! 

Animal brown horse


 Fostering a horse can be a wonderful experience for both the horse and the foster family!

  • All feed, hay, and vet bills are taken care of by the rescue

  • Help a horse in need of a soft place to land until being adopted

  • Ride and work with the horse to better him or her for their new home

  • Make a difference in a horse's life


How do I foster? Check out the available horses to see if there is one available for foster. If so, fill out a foster application on the forms page!