Step 1 : Rescue

About Our


Forgotten Hooves Horse Rescue focuses on  rescuing, rehabilitating, training, and rehoming horses in Texas and the surrounding states. Some horses are police seizures, surrenders, or come from auction. We also have a program that was put into place to help other rescues rehome horses that lack training. Although Forgotten Hooves is involved in all aspects of rescue, we take pride and put a massive amount of focus into our training program. It is our goal to have every horse reach his or her potential.



Horse Shown: Ritz

 Volunteering at Forgotten Hooves is such a pleasure! You can really tell the amount of care and dedication Tori puts into each horse before they are ready to be adopted. If you adopt from Tori, you can be sure you're getting a horse that is coming from a place where they received all the love and attention they deserved.



Horse Shown: Punky

I love coming out and being able to spend time around the horses. I like brushing them and helping out at the rescue in any way I can. Each of the horses are worked with daily and every time I come out, they have learned something new. It is fun to watch their progress!



Horse Shown: Cowboy

I am so happy I found Forgotten Hooves! I absolutely love helping train all of the wonderful horses that come to the rescue. It is truly an amazing experience to watch them find their forever homes.


How can YOU help?


Forgotten Hooves runs entirely off donations! If you'd like to help out and keep our rescue going, visit our donation page to donate or subscribe to a monthly pledge!


Want to get involved? Visit our volunteer page and learn how to make a difference by being a part of the rescue!